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Cashback on orders over ₹700

1. Add the Products to cart and Proceed to checkout

2. Fill in the Billing details and Choose the Payment Method.

3. Choosing the Payment Method

a) UPI / Credit Card / Debit Card / Net Banking - Instant Delivery

As soon as the payment is successfully completed, the Pdf containing the detailed Installation Instructions / Required Links and License key will appear. The same will be sent to your email.

If the License Doesn’t appear on the checkout page, It will be dispatched to your mail in 30 min to 8 Hours. Kindly wait for at least 8 hours before contacting us.

b) PayPal / USDT

As soon as the order is successfully placed, the Order ID will appear. Reach us with your Order Number ( Via Email or WhatsApp). We will share the payment details.

As soon as we verify the payment, we will process the order. It will be dispatched to your mail in 5 min. The Mail consists of a Pdf containing the detailed Installation Instructions/Required Links and License key.

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